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Gazpacho jelly.

Mediterranean Gazpacho  jelly


  • 1  Mediterranean gazpacho boat

    5 sheets of jelly

    Optional (Serve accompanied by a slice of bread with capsicum, tomato and cucumber, and a piece of cured cheese)


Put the jelly in soaking in cold water.
Heat 150 ml of gazpacho, add the gelatin sheets and stir until dissolved.
Add the rest of the cold gazpacho.
Once the jelly has set, add the gazpacho and leave in the refrigerator for 4 – 6 hours, until set.
To unmold gazpacho jellys, put a knife around the molds and introduce the base for a few seconds in a bowl with very hot water.
Serve accompanied by a slice of bread with pepper, tomato and cucumber mince, and a piece of cured cheese.