CAAE ecological certificate

BIOSUN MEDITERRANEAN CAAE ecological certificate

All the products of our company are under ecological certification through the CAAE certification body

Organic production is regulated by regulations. In the EU, the basic regulation was updated in 2007, after which the implementing regulations were updated. In Europe, legislation on the classification of foods that comply with ecological regulations includes and protects the terms “eco”, “ecological”, “org”, “organic”, “bio” and “biological”. To ensure compliance with the strict European regulations on organic farming and livestock production, there are different authorized and independent certification entities that perform additional controls. These analyzes and controls are carried out periodically throughout the year, guaranteeing the consumer that is buying products free of any chemical component and pesticides and providing a seal or endorsement of biological quality.
These guarantees offer guarantees of transparency towards the consumer, quality and compliance with established standards for organic production (in Europe, the European Regulation 834/2007).
They also ensure the restricted use of chemical pesticides, the absence of genetically modified organisms and a responsible use of natural resources.
The legislation that regulates organic production in Europe is Regulation C.E.E. 2092/91.
This standard covers the production, processing and marketing of organic products.

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